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Future Events - 2015

Saturday 21st March - Tewin Memorial Hall - Royal British Legion Cup Competition
Wednesday 11th March Girlguiding Hertford AGM - West Street 7.15
Monday 30th March Scouting & Guiding "Ole Campefire" evening - Birch Green 7.00
Sunday 10th May Annual Sausage Sizzle at Birch Green School
Saturday September 19th (tbc) Hertford District Sports Day
Saturday October 3rd Annual Night Hike - Location to be confirmed

Who runs 1st Birch Green  & how to contact us.       

Brown Owl - Emily
Snowy Owl - Kate
Tawny Owl - Elaine
Badger - Fionnuala
Fox - Jessica
Rabbit & Owl in Training - Lauren
Mole - Grace
Email: brownies@1stbirchgreen.org.uk

If you want to join Girlguiding or be added to our waiting list, please register your interest at:


If you are already a Rainbow, you do not need to register, please e mail us with full name

Date of Birth, contact number and which Rainbow Unit you are with or have been with


  • The Brownie Promise is:


  • The Brownie Guide Law is:

A Brownie Guide thinks of others before herself and does a good turn every day.

Joint first place Brownie Sports September 2014

Some History....

At the end of the summer term 2012, we sadly said "Farewell" to Brown Owl Elaine Peacock. We gave her a surprise party with cake and prezzies!

A collection from parents and friends resulted in a Crystal Vase with the Girlguiding Logo on, a Beauty Salon Voucher and a lovely pink Hydrangea. District Commissioner Clare Evans presented Elaine with a gift and a vote of thanks for all her work for Girlguiding over almost 30 years. We wish Elaine all the best but will still see her from time to time when extra hands are needed.


Group at PartyCake

The Pack is now run by Emily Hakansson as Brown Owl - Emily has been a Girlguiding Leader for over 5 years and was previously with 9th Hertford Brownies before joining Birch Green around 3 years ago.
Kate Maguire and Kelly Shipp will be assistants as Snowy and Barn Owl. We have also said goodbye to Rachel and Annabel our two young leaders but welcome more of our past Brownies to replace them - Jessica Reynolds and Lauren Murray. We also have a new Adult Helper - Fionnuala Green.

Some other Brownie "happenings" ...........................

In honour of the Queens Jubilee, Birch Green Brownies all made crowns for the Hertford District Crown Competition - Mollie Armstrong won first prize in her age group.

The Brownies then completed their Diamond Jubilee Badge with a Garden Party, we all wore hats and had two very special celebrity Owls for the Day. Best Hat was won by Sophie Owen who won a commemorative Mug.

Jubilee Garden Party


The Royal British Legion Competition for 2012 was once more a "Brownies got Talent" Show at County Hall with a packed audiance of parents, friends and dignatories such as the Mayor and the Chair of the Hertford Royal British Legion, plus 'celebrity' judges.

Our Choir of 12 Brownies with soloists Emily and Hattie sang "Home One Day", (words and music by P.J.Burrell), there was not a dry eye in the house as they finished the song. Our thanks to Katie Neilson for all her time and effort teaching them the song. They did us proud!!

BgT Choir

1st Birch Green Brownies were 50 years old in 2011

birthday group

Welcome to 1st Birch Green Brownies Web Site. We celebrated 50 years with an Open Afternoon on Sunday 12th June 2011 at the Scout Hut, Pipers End, Letty Green - lots of our old Brownies and even some of the old Hertingfordbury Brownies came and joined us for tea. We had a lovely birthday cake made by Mrs. Shaw.

Here are a few of the interesting items that we have gathered - going right back to the 1st Hertingfordbury Brownies in 1924. If anybody would like to look at our memorabilia, please get in touch as we would love to share it. Some of the items were in the Hertingfordbury & The Greens exhibition at Hertford Museum.

Brownies 1928    H Bury 1924

Guides 1955
from L to Right: Isobel Rosier, Helen Quincey, Rosemary Knight, Leader Unknown, Norma Bussey, Betty Stagg, Pauline Geering, Doris Smith, Elizabeth Garrett and Brenda Smith.

Brownies can start at age 7 and can stay until 11. 
We meet on a Monday night at

Cowper Hall, Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary School, Birch Green, SG14 2LR

click here for Location

We start at 18.30 and finish at 19.45. We usually have a full pack, so please put your name on our waiting list as soon as you can.

Guide units are usually full too, so please put your name down onto a Guide Pack waiting list when you join Brownies.

For more information Email brownies@1stbirchgreen.org.uk

Activities at Brownies
Future Events
Who runs 1st Birch Green
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The Brownie Promise is:
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Our Browniesare split into 4 "sixes" - Elves, Pixies, Imps & Kelpies
Each Six has a 'Sixer' and a 'Seconder' who look after their six.   


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Activities at Brownies

We gain badges either at our meetings or at home, hobbies and activities such as dancing, swimming and horse riding that we do can gain us badges too. For Summer 2012 we will be gaining a special Golden Jubilee Badge to commemorate the Queens 60 years onthe throne.

After Brownies we can join Guides, both of our Young Leaders used to be Brownies at Birch Green when they were younger.




The Owlets - Birch Green Cheerleading Squad before the competition


The Owlets in action

We didn't win but we had a great time, and we looked good too!




Maddy, Christina, Elly and Megan – winners of the Royal British Legion Cup for 1st Birch Green Brownies
We are delighted to win the RBL Cup in 2010, last time we won it was 2004.   This year the competition was based on the Healthy Hearts Badge.   We had to do lots of activities as a Pack covering healthy eating and making vegetable and fruit characters.  Designing breakfasts, learning about Brownie Uniforms over the past 100 years and writing letters to important people telling them about Brownies.   These varied from the Queen, Sting, various people from TV programs and some Grannies.


Brownie Centenary Fun Day 2010

We went on a Fun Day at a school  in Bishops Stortford, activities included learning a dance routine, making jewellery, football, designing and painting a tile for a Centenary Mosaic at the Guide Centre in Cottered.

Brownie Revels 2010

Another centenary event was Brownie Revels .A great afternoon doing things from the last 100 years. It ended with birthday cake for everybody.   Brownie Revels

Sports DayCatepillars

We took part in Sports Day ....................... ...and met the creatures at Butterfly World in St. Albans

Three teams entered the District Night Hike with a "Top Gear" theme

At exactly 20.10 on 20.10.2010, we got together at a fantastic party in Sele School with the rest of Hertford District Girlguiding to renew our promise with a live broadcast from Girlguiding UK. The finale of the 100 year Centenary of Girlguiding.



Halloween 2009

Autumn 2009 found the Brownies reaching for the stars - working for the Stargazer Badge.  We did our "Good Turn" by packing up 7 parcels of books and sweets, including letters, drawings and prayers and sending them off to the Royal Marines in Afghanistan - we are hoping somebody will write back to us!

Summer Party

Summer term 2009 was a busy time, we all travelled the world go get our
World Travellers Badge, got fit doing the Agility Badge and finished
the term with a Summer Theme Fancy Dress Party. We played games, did
the Limbo, all beat up the Pinata to get to the goodies inside. Best
six for the Summer term were the Gnomes and Best Brownie was Ellie
Louise Evans.

image removed

Annual Hertford District Brownie Sports Day

we had a very good day at the Brownie Sports this year doing 14 different activities including football, throwing wellies, croquet, hockey & obstacle races.

Night Hike 2009

This year we entered 3 teams - a total of 21 Brownies - they set off at around 7.00p.m. and walked 4.25km round Much Hadham.  On the way they completed challenges based on the "Pirate" theme and kept their eyes and torches alert for the questions and markers along the way.   Nobody got lost thanks to the orienteering skills of all the parents that accompanied the girls.   The weather was very good and tired but happy Brownies enjoyed drinks and hot dogs at the end of the evening.   All walkers were given a "Pirate" themed badge.

"We entered two teams in the Soap Box Derby - Green Power 1 and Green Power 2.   Both teams got through to the semi finals which was fantastic.
Unfortunately Green Power 2 got wiped out by a large shopping trolley in their semi final, luckily only minor injuries were sustained.  

Pond dipping at Lemsford springs
As the evenings got lighter the Brownies took advantage and had a great evening at Lemsford springs in June. The springs provide’s a safe environment and great facilities.
A big thank you to Barry Trevis the warden and Andy Chapman.

Visit to Paradise Park

As part of Friend to Animals Badge we visited Paradise Park for a Conservation Day.
We learnt all about the terrible things that happen to animals sometimes and had a "close encounter" with a 'Dragon' and a snake.

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Sports Day    
Eileen Kirk Camp
    Sponsored Walk

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